Salty Dog is a New Orleans fishing charter offering guided speckled trout and redfish trips right out of the French Quarter.

If you want a day trip out of New Orleans, hop aboard and target a variety of coastal fish!



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If you choose Salty Dog Charters for your day on the water, rest assured you will be on board with professionals.  Every captain in our crew is coastguard licensed and insured, and fishes full time.  Each of our captains has their own charter company in the area and has been fishing these waters between 8 and 20+ years.

As owner operator Captain Markham Dickson could have assembled a more unexperienced team and charged the captains a greater commission to run fishing tours for his company.  But instead what we have is more a union of the very best in the area that choose to fly the Salty Dog Charters flag for your group.  This method of running the company was a conscious decision to put quality of service before profit.  And by having these experienced captains working together it gives, you the client, the very best day on the water

Think of it as the dream team or all-star squad.  And the end result is a serious team of skilled captains with over 60 combined years of experience in the area!  Simply click a name/pic and check out the team!

 Click on a name/pic for details and boat of each captain!


















 Click on a name/pic for details and boat of each captain!