Aug 24

Written by: Salty_Dog
8/24/2011 1:07 PM 

Salty Dog Charters, being myself and some of my close friends have begun handing out poboys in New Orleans at least one day a month. This began a couple years back when I was giving out whole fish to people who needed a meal. Then I started thinking about it... and for some having the food cooked helped them out even more, as they did not have homes to cook in. So we have started fileting, frying, and handing out meals to those who need it. No real reason other then for once to give something to someone without asking anything in return. I believe its something we need in this world to balance out everything else we encounter in our somewhat competative lives.

Anyways It feels great, and really helps people out. And we are going to keep doing it. If anyone is interested in helping just come catch some fish with me! I will clean um, cook um, wrap um in bread, and provide them to people. You can help with this by hiring this charter, getting out there and catching the fish!

So come experience South Louisiana fishing at its best! Salty Dog Charters will guide you to your ultimate day of speckled trout, redfish, and flounder fishing. Whether its in the marsh or offshore Salty Dog Charters is a great choice for your New Orleans greater area fishing adventure! Book a charter with us today!





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